Advice from an Old Snail

‘Take your time,

but don’t take a lifetime,’

said the old snail to his grandson.

‘For there are many years to come

and you’ll want to experience freedom.

But you may never know where you might be,

and there are only so many years to be free.’

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Empathy and the Snail

I think I might just squish this snail

so it’s out of sight.

But if I do it might scream and wail

and I don’t think that’s right.

I might not hear it from afar,

but I’m sure that’s how it’d sound.

So instead, I might just bend down low

and watch it as it goes.

And as I stop to watch this snail,

with my ear right to the ground,

I can hear it talking out aloud

so I listen to its tale.

“I almost got squashed by a foot one time;

a barefoot with five toes.

And then for reasons I don’t know,

it turned and let me go.

I do so love this foot

that let me live my life.

I do so love it very much,

especially now it’s out of sight.”


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“No one will listen to me

I just want some attention please

I know I am quite small

And that you are really tall

But  I can’t keep yelling anymore.”

“What can I do? What can I do?

What can I do to help you?”

“Pick me up, pick me up

I’m telling you

I really need to buurp!”



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A Snotty Nosed Creature came to visit me some time after three. He gave me boogers that were green and dangled to my knees. Mum chased me around the house and said, “wipe your nose with this tissue, please.”

A Hungry Creature came to visit me at about a quarter to four. We ate lamingtons and Tim Tams and then I asked mum for more. Mum shook her head and said, “but, you’ve already eaten them all.”

An Angry Creature came to visit me around half past four. We yelled ‘GRRR’ and ‘ROAR’ and stomped up and down the hall. Mum looked at me and said, “shhh, what did you wake the baby for?”

A Happy Creature came to visit me at about half past five. We giggled and danced and felt so alive. Mum sat at the piano and said, “come on, I’ll play you a song.”

A Grubby Creature came to visit me not long after six. We ate mulberries and threw mud that went squish. Mum chased me into the house and said, “what’s got into you today?”

“I’m the snottiest, hungriest, angriest, happiest, grubbiest creature you’ll ever see.”

“That I believe,” said mum as she gave me a hug. “But, can I have my daughter back please.”

Just then a Cuddle Creature came to visit me and I gave mum the biggest cuddle I could possibly give.

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I like green peas for breakfast,

I like green peas for brunch.

I’ll have green peas, yes please,

I’ll have green peas for lunch.

I like green peas for dinner,

I like green peas with tea,

I like green peas with every meal

so can I have more peas…


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I got the message in the bottle from the turtle in the sea.

He said he had been swimming around and watching me.

He said he liked my flippers, and could he have them please.

For his were only half the size and not fluoro-coloured like these.

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Upside down Stan

walked on his hands

for a view of the world

that was somewhat unusual

and out of the ordinary

and not quite the norm.

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imageIris was looking for her talent in so many places

when little did she realise that she was the one

that gave colour to the eyes in our faces.

But she continued to search

for her talent she yearned,

without realising that what she was,

was where she was meant to be

and without her

the eye just could not see.

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Lucky, the criminal by nature

is Lucky The Criminal by night.

When you thought you had finally caught him

you realised he was just out of sight.

They say he stole the moon that night

for despite their searching eyes

they could not see its warming light

and feared they never might.

Then to their delight,

it appeared round and bright

and full of light

against the blue night sky.

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Lazy Bones was his name.

He was bone lazy

and full of bones.

He was so bony

and so lazy

that people thought,

“How could someone who is so lazy be so bony?”

And others thought,

“How could someone who is so bony be so lazy?”

“Hereditary” they said.

He got his mother’s bony genes and

his father’s lazy genes.

Or was it the other way around?

He always thought that his name on his

birth certificate was Lazy Bones.

But, it wasn’t til later in life that he

found out his real name was Graham Jones.

“What am I to do now?” he thought.

He was no longer who he thought he was, you see.

“I can be whoever I want to be”

And suddenly, he felt very at ease.

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