A Snotty Nosed Creature came to visit me some time after three. He gave me boogers that were green and dangled to my knees. Mum chased me around the house and said, “wipe your nose with this tissue, please.”

A Hungry Creature came to visit me at about a quarter to four. We ate lamingtons and Tim Tams and then I asked mum for more. Mum shook her head and said, “but, you’ve already eaten them all.”

An Angry Creature came to visit me around half past four. We yelled ‘GRRR’ and ‘ROAR’ and stomped up and down the hall. Mum looked at me and said, “shhh, what did you wake the baby for?”

A Happy Creature came to visit me at about half past five. We giggled and danced and felt so alive. Mum sat at the piano and said, “come on, I’ll play you a song.”

A Grubby Creature came to visit me not long after six. We ate mulberries and threw mud that went squish. Mum chased me into the house and said, “what’s got into you today?”

“I’m the snottiest, hungriest, angriest, happiest, grubbiest creature you’ll ever see.”

“That I believe,” said mum as she gave me a hug. “But, can I have my daughter back please.”

Just then a Cuddle Creature came to visit me and I gave mum the biggest cuddle I could possibly give.

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