Empathy and the Snail

I think I might just squish this snail

so it’s out of sight.

But if I do it might scream and wail

and I don’t think that’s right.

I might not hear it from afar,

but I’m sure that’s how it’d sound.

So instead, I might just bend down low

and watch it as it goes.

And as I stop to watch this snail,

with my ear right to the ground,

I can hear it talking out aloud

so I listen to its tale.

“I almost got squashed by a foot one time;

a barefoot with five toes.

And then for reasons I don’t know,

it turned and let me go.

I do so love this foot

that let me live my life.

I do so love it very much,

especially now it’s out of sight.”


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